Beautiful 19th cent.Ebony inlaid bureau table
Table with fossil tabletop
Rustic Spanisch table circa 1800
French 19th cent. breakfast table in walnut
Table in chestnut circa 1950
19th cent. inlaid Syrian table
Large site table in pine , French mid 19th cent.
19th Cent. Pine serving table
Large pine serving table , French circa 1880
19th cent long oak serving table
Little iron sitetable with gilded patina . Spain , circa 1930
Pair of1930's green painted iron site tables
Early 19th cent. Walnut table , 4,10 m one-piece top
19th cent. Italian centre table with decoration of mother of pearl
Victorian extendable table in mahogany , England , 19th cent.
pair of site tables with lighting from " Max Sauze " 1970's
1950's Troley
French rosewood game table circa 1900
Tilt-top table in solid chestnut Two-piece top
Late 19th cent French tilt-top table
19th century English oak tilt-top table
Early 18th Century Table in Walnut, Florence, Tuscany, Italy
19th Century Suisse Wine Table in Parquetry
Inlaid table