Very important garden statue by Jef Lambeaux


" Le génie méconnu" or the misundertood genius.

This life size statue " was made by Jef Lambeaux in 1878 and is probably his self portrait . 

It represents a mad violin player , sitting on a chair with his violin on the ground .

There was only one bronze and one plaster made of this work . The plasters is in the town Hall in Sint Gillis ( Belgium) 

Foundry : Usines Vojave  

Signature of the artist and the foundry on the base

Jef Lambeaux was born in Antwerp (Belgium) in 1852 and died in Sint Gillis (Brussels) in 1908.

Other important works : Statue of Brabo in Antwerp 

Very nice green patina 

Perfect condition 

All history and provenance on request


H: 128 x W: 90 x D: 69 cm

H: 50,39 x W: 35,43 x D: 27,17 inch