Partner desk , England , William the IV 1840
drawing "banquet Champetre " French 1950
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Art deco glazed terracotta monkey
William the IVth armchair in mahogany
Travail de maitrise
Beautiful 17th century mirror
Coffee table in petrified wood
Pair of French 19th century Laburnum candlesticks
Painting Oil on canvas " Thango " early 1950
Pair of cloisonné lamps with green velvet lampshades
French Aubusson tapestry , mid 18th century
Pouch from Borneo used by seremonies , early 20st century
Terracotta fruitbowl , Germany circa 1800
juwelery box by R&Y Augusti
Cristal watering can
Wild beaver
First edition Cactus by Guido Drocco & Franco Mello for Gufram , 1960's
Unique Photo from Le Dôme "Grand palais"in Paris construction 1899
18th Cent. drinking milk bottle for a lamb
Wild boar on skateboard with heavy reputation , circa 1897
Englisch tea caddy
Pietra Dura Marble coffee table with lapis Lazuli
Terracotta pot , French 19th cent.
Urn , Pre Colombian , Rio Magdalena , 1000AC
Electro plated silver lamp with dark blue lampshade
Mahogany candlestick
Plate in Glazed Earthenware,Sandy Brown born 1946
Rustic Spanisch table circa 1800
17th century walnut mirror
Pietra Dura Marble coffee table with lapis Lazuli
Children's elm rocking chair , mid 19th century
Black terracotta boar , early 20st century
Doorstop "Punch"
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Pen drawing of Henri IV by Auvrest
19th cent. Syrian chest , Damascus , inlaid with mother of pearl
Pair of display dressers , circa 1950's
Painting, oil on canvas , Chinese lady in interior circa 1930
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18th century parquet floor in oak and walnut
E. Drouot 1859-1945
Wicker rocking chair circa 1900
Early 17th century Spanish frame with 19th cent mirror
Pair of site tables with an early 19th cent. frame in the middle
French 19th cent. breakfast table in walnut
Jean Dubois
Pair of mid 19th cent. mahogany twisted candlesticks
60's dark red lamp
3 baskets from Ajat
Patchwork , milan 1920's
Very large late 18th cent. Khmer vase
Rosewood box
E. Drouot 1859-1945
Wild cat
Lot of 19th cent. beer bottles from the north of France
Pair of prints from Nice , dated 1912
Monumental garden urn in terracotta
Pair of cast iron iron urns
Paris ,Place de Tertre , Montmartre circa 1950's
Porcupine fish on stand
Impressive wardrobe in Walnut
Champagne cooler from Sèvres
Olive oil Jar Tuscany , Italy 18th century
Rosewood tray , England , mid 19th century
Pair of lamps with silk lampshades
19th iron candlestick
Table in chestnut circa 1950
19th Century Italian mirror
Leather armchair from the 50's
Terracotta dog 19th century
Wicker basket
Ink on paper , signed Dupendant
19th century chest , inlaid with mother of pearl,from Damascus , Syria
18th Century French " Deux corps " in stucco white . Beautiful patine
Jos Schippers
19th cent. fire tong and shovel
19th cent. academic work by F. Vichi , Firenze
1900 lady's pine straw back Orkney chair probably by David Kirkness
17th Cent. Flemisch mirror
Swedish , 1960's coffee table in rosewood
Pair of 19th cent. Englisch mahogany candlesticks
19th cent. inlaid Syrian table
Pair of industrial lamps
Syrian box circa 1930
Pair of vases with removable brass handles
Benassi 1973
19th cent. English display cage with a white cockatoo bird
Head of a wild boar
18th century parquet floor in oak and walnut
2 water jugs , 19th cent liège
Black forest box circa 1900
Spanisch lamp from the 1950's in white glased terracotta
Large site table in pine , French mid 19th cent.
Pair of French 19th century candlesticks with alabaster and fruitwood
Coffee table with end grain oak top
Pair of oriental armchairs, circa 1880
Wooden polichrome Christ , Portugal early 15th century
19th cent. fire tongs
Benassi 1973
Impressive wardrobe in Walnut
Mid 18th cent French walnut chest of drawers
Irène Battaille
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Silver wick holder
Terracotta sculpture of a ranger circa 1880
Pine Tyroleon chair , late 19th century
19th cent. walnut tabletop for a coffee table
17th Century Italian candlestick in olivewood
19th Cent. Pine serving table
3 walnut lamps with velvet lampshades
19th cent. butter bowl in beech
Large 19th century vase
19th cent. Syrian chest , Damascus , inlaid with mother of pearl
Water can
Wooden bowl in olive wood
Cloisonné lamp
Large pine serving table , French circa 1880
Pair of 19th cent. fruitwood candlesticks
Pair of pine Tyroleon chairs , late 19th century
2 glazed terracotta greyhounds made by Caen , French , Normandy circa 1950
19th Cent. alabaster tazza
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"Deux corps" in walnut , French 18th century
Irène Battaille
Irène Battaille
Epoque Louis XIV Chest of drawers 17th Century
Wooden Inkwell
Glazed Terracotta statue of a Coelacanth fish
Pair of pine Tyroleon chairs , late 19th century
19th cent long oak serving table
Glass table lamp
19th cent. inlaid box from the region of Oman
Oil and vinegar
Late 19th cent. mahogany box with secret lock
Little iron sitetable with gilded patina . Spain , circa 1930
Pair of lamps on Chinese vases
Set of 3 mid 19th cent. stick back chairs in elm
Terracotta figure from B.B.
19th cent.Mahogany boot rack
French , late 19th cent. chest . in beautiful fabric
View of the shop
19th cent. Anglo indian bed
Different fruit made out of pearls
Early 19th cent. hoop back armchair in elm
Pair of1930's green painted iron site tables
Country Victorian box
19th cent. herbs box , Afganistan
Pair of painted metal lamps
Late 18th cent. hoop back armchair in elm
19th cent. iron doorstop
French chest of drawers
umbrella stand in bamboo
19th cent. stick back armchair in elm
Candelabra made by Renzo Vaglica in Firenze
Early 19th cent. Walnut table , 4,10 m one-piece top
Inlaid tray
Pair of Napoleon III lamps
19th cent. Italian centre table with decoration of mother of pearl
Late 18th cent. hoop back armchair in elm
Headstand With decorated glass bowl circa 1930
Collection of round picture frames , french 1900
late 18th century children's rocking chair with original paint
Victorian extendable table in mahogany , England , 19th cent.
Swedisch Gutavian style chandelier
Yewwood Cakestand dated 1906
pair of site tables with lighting from " Max Sauze " 1970's
19th Cent. Englisch country high-back settle bench in oxblood
Pair of wooden water skis circa 1930
Leather pigs footstool circa 1970
Pair of early 19th cent. bergères
1950's Troley
French rosewood game table circa 1900
Country chair
Little, late 19th cent. braided wicker table
19th cent. wooden measurement instrument on stand
Ebony colored three-seat sofa, Spain, 1930
Tilt-top table in solid chestnut Two-piece top
Late 19th cent French tilt-top table
French Period Louis the XIV armchair
19th century scales
Chinese painted box , circa 1900
A good leather wingchair from the 1920's
19th century English oak tilt-top table
Early 18th Century Table in Walnut, Florence, Tuscany, Italy
Pair of Italian armchairs
19th French coat and umbrella stand
Septarie egg from Madagascar
19th Century Suisse Wine Table in Parquetry
Inlaid table
Set of late 18cent. very large coffee grinders . France , Pyrenée
Wooden painted Rocking horse
Eurantica 2007 023
Papier maché tray in red Chinese lacquer 18th century
Eurantica 2007 002
Eurantica 2007 022
Very rare umbrella with ivory head of a jong boy . " Belle époque " round 1900
Eurantica 2007 021
Eurantica 2007 020
Eurantica 2007 014
Eurantica 2007 009
Eurantica 2007 001