Blue AUSTIN 1950's
Papier maché head of a cat
Doorstop "Punch"
18th century parquet floor in oak and walnut
Wicker basket
19th cent. fire tong and shovel
19th cent. fire tongs
Silver wick holder
19th Cent. alabaster tazza
Wooden Inkwell
19th cent.Mahogany boot rack
Different fruit made out of pearls
19th cent. iron doorstop
umbrella stand in bamboo
Headstand With decorated glass bowl circa 1930
Collection of round picture frames , french 1900
Pair of wooden water skis circa 1930
Leather pigs footstool circa 1970
Little, late 19th cent. braided wicker table
19th cent. wooden measurement instrument on stand
19th century scales
Chinese painted box , circa 1900
19th French coat and umbrella stand
Septarie egg from Madagascar
Set of late 18cent. very large coffee grinders . France , Pyrenée
Wooden painted Rocking horse
Papier maché tray in red Chinese lacquer 18th century
Very rare umbrella with ivory head of a jong boy . " Belle époque " round 1900